5 Questions to Ask Your Video Partner

January 13, 2023

5 Questions To Ask Your Video Partner

Red flags and green flags don’t just exist on first dates, they exist in the business world too, especially in partnerships between video production companies and marketing agencies. On a first date, you may miss a few red flags and go out on another date setting you back a few 20s in your wallet, but if you choose the wrong video partner for your agency, you could lose a client, their trust, and a lot of money. 

We understand that the end product a video production company produces (or your agency produces), directly correlates to whether a client comes back to your agency the next time they need marketing services. 

It may seem easier to just keep everything in-house and produce your own video for your client, but video production can be highly complex and time-consuming. It is often easier and less stressful for your agency to outsource video services.

The issue is that agencies often lack partnerships with video production companies they can trust. Companies can view each other as competition rather than partners, which is why partnerships fall apart often. However, intentionally choosing a video production company and developing a trusting relationship enables you to create videos for your client with a lot less hassle and money. 

Here are a few green flag questions to consider on your first date with a video production company:

1. Have they worked with agencies before?

This question is important, but whether the answer is “yes” or “no” does not necessarily make a difference. There can be really good partners who have never worked with agencies before, but it is likely that partners who have worked with agencies before will be able to empathize with your situation better. They can understand how the process usually works and it can be easier on your team when you don’t have to explain it. There are a lot of nuances that go into your client relationship, and that needs to be respected and understood. 

2. Do they just show up and shoot?

Video Production is called Production for a reason. Things aren’t always puppy dogs and ice cream. You’re looking for a partner. Someone that can elevate your idea. Bring ideas to the table and provide solutions, not problems. Make sure your video partner is someone you can work together with during the good and the bad. 

3. Are they empathetic to your position?

As the agency, you are the one that will work directly with the client and you know how they are feeling throughout the process. You can be caught in the middle, and you don’t need to worry about how they are going to react to a request. No matter what position the video production company is in, they should be empathetic toward your situation and the client. They need to understand that sometimes, clients are gonna clients, and you just need to work with them. 

4. Do they nickel and dime you?

Yes. Video production can be expensive, especially if there are multiple deliverables, but it is essential to understand what is realistic for both parties. You certainly don’t want to take advantage of them, but they certainly shouldn’t take advantage of you. Even if your client is a global brand, that doesn’t mean that they have unlimited budgets. Oftentimes, your budgets are tight regardless of who your client is, and your video partner should respect that. 

5. Do they understand video production is a collaboration?

Whether or not your agency has produced a video before, your video partner should understand that everyone is on the same team, and create a video that connects with the viewer.  It’s not about their reel. They should respect the fact that you know your client’s brand. Their audience. You know how the audience (and your client) will react to certain things. Maybe the color is off. Or there’s an industry no-no. Your partner should incorporate your insights, not blame them for ruining their creative vision.


Bottom line, oftentimes video is just one part of your client’s campaign – but it’s a crucial one. You need to make sure that you’re comfortable trusting your video partner. There’s too much at stake to get it wrong. 

If you are interested in partnering to create a video for your client send us a message!

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