Vpak Media creates high quality print materials as if they were flyers but integrate a video inside. If you are creating a new product or doing anything with your offline marketing, this can be the perfect way to grab your customers’ attention. There are thousands of people who are using videos via Vimeo and YouTube, but implementing a video into your print materials is something a little….hmmm….non-traditional. Businesses are already using this as a way to generate better business partnerships and even more customers. Since it does cost money to get a single video created and added into a printed advertisement, it is common to distribute them in your store but to never give them away. However, it is very customary for big corporations to give these to their customers if the situation calls for it.


There are so many ways to use these video materials and they are suitable for any business model. For example, a fashion designer used these videos combined with her printed materials to grab the attention of fashion editors. She wanted to get her designs some visibility with the fashion editors of big publications, leaving the editors with a good piece of video showcasing her work. In addition, we’ve seen retail shops handout these materials to customers arriving in a store. The customers then have the ability to thumb through the print materials and watch a video….all of this at the point of sale.

For a glimpse of what Vpak Media offers with video and print, checkout their overview video below.