There are a lot of cool people and companies to follow on Twitter and after being on it for a few months or even years, you may notice you follow too many people to keep up with. One way to fix it is simply defollow, or even create a new Twitter account. Well there is a better way that is actually easier and more effective than both of those.

Twitter has a great feature which I didn’t take advantage of until recently. Twitter lists allow you to put certain people in a separate feed to make it easier to see what you want to see. For example, you can make a lists for celebrities  (everyone follows a few celebs, nothing to be embarrassed by) politicians, video production people, and even friends and family. I am also a fan of the Twitter app for Mac (we talked about it here) and I can bring these lists up in individual windows to easily see what my favorite Tweeters are Tweeting.

If you want a headstart on a good list, checkout ours on 5TwentyTweet 

If we are missing anyone let us know and we’ll be sure to add them!