In February, several companies published a wealth of information for both established and up-and-coming video marketers. From suggestions on where to post videos to how to promote video content affordably, February’s top video marketing posts from around the web provided tips and tricks to conduct video marketing tasks efficiently while increasing return on investment.

1. Intuit

A leader in the simplification of business processes, Intuit released an article this month entitled “4 Impactful Places to Post Your Video.” While YouTube and Vimeo remain the most popular video marketing platforms (and rightfully so), Intuit points out the benefits of distributing and promoting video content through social media and email marketing campaigns. Depending on the target audience’s social media habits, distributing video content on LinkedIn or Instagram increases brand awareness while driving traffic to a website. Additionally, Adrienne Graham, CEO of Empower Me, revealed a 175% increase in click-through rates when a screenshot of the video player appears in an email campaign.

2. ReelSEO

This month, the team at ReelSEO created a useful article outlining best practices for the creation, promotion, and distribution of video content on YouTube. Hidden among the company’s tips was a video marketing gem: YouTube’s Fan Finder. Four months after its launch, YouTube’s Fan Finder has become a savvy video marketer’s best friend. By creating a 30-60 second promotional video, brands with YouTube channels are able to get their content directly in front of viewers in the form of a TrueView ad. For businesses, using this tool to promote branded channels offers a no-cost method of increasing brand exposure, subscribers, and viewer engagement.

3. Everypost

Everypost, a social networking app created to take the grunt work out of multi-profile publishing, recently provided some helpful tips for video marketers. Available for iPhone and Android, Everypost makes it easy to distribute content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and recently, Dropbox via iOS. Unlike similar apps, Everypost allows users to record videos directly from the app’s interface, add text and immediately publish content to multiple social networks. The app also supports the addition of pre-recorded videos and YouTube videos – a definite time saver for busy marketers.

4. Brafton

For those still skeptical about launching a video marketing campaign, Brafton was kind enough to provide an eye-opening reminder of why web-based video content bests television advertising any day of the week. When compared with the high production costs and complexity of traditional advertising, the efficiency and affordability of web-based video marketing is undeniable. As Brafton points out, modern video marketers do not require publishers, long programs, or sponsors to get their message across. For small and medium-sized businesses, internet video marketing effectively leveled the advertising playing field.

5. MarketingProfs

Last but not least, MarketingProfs reviewed Facebook’s video auto-play feature and noted the benefits for video marketers. This feature allows videos to begin playing automatically once located in the news feed. Since it’s initially muted until a user clicks on it, videos need to start out strong with captivating visuals to entice viewers to learn more. The kicker? After watching a video post, viewers receive suggestions that help them discover additional branded content.

Which video marketing post did you think was the most useful?