If there’s been significant focus on your work, taxes, and a number of life’s other demands in the past month, it may have been a bit tricky to keep up on the latest news regarding video marketing. There’s been a lot happening! Catch up on April’s top 5 reports, which are summarized below.

  • 5-SEO Driven Video Marketing Tips for Business, by Shooka Rafizadeh. This easily digestible post includes valuable tips such as including transcripts with your YouTube videos so Google and other search engines may identify the content. Rafizadeh encourages readers to post videos on Pinterest, which has a superior Google ranking. She also suggests including videos in your news releases, and creating a video sitemap for your website as well as video tutorials in your field.
  • One Quarter of US Adults Watch Video on Smartphones Weekly, by Christopher Rick. Rick goes into amazing detail using Experian’s 2014 Cross Device Video Analysis, highlighting the importance of smartphones and tablets in consuming video. For instance, smartphones are the most commonly used devices for video streaming and download. YouTube and Netflix topped the charts as the most popular platforms, visited most frequently by 18-25 year olds between 8 and 9 in the evening.
  • Can Video REALLY Influence Buying Decisions, by James Wedmore. This post highlights extremely compelling statistics on the effectiveness of video in catalyzing sales. Ninety percent of consumers indicate that video is helpful to the decision-making process, which is quite impressive. Also, viewers retain 95 percent of a brand’s message from videos, and the pleasure derived from watching increases the intent to purchase by 97 percent!
  • YouTubers Get Love From Yahoo, Google, and Disney, by Kevin Nalts. This post reviews the ways big brands have recently begun working with online video studios to improve their YouTube presence. This will affect the landscape of YouTube because there will be more “exclusive” arrangements and more partnerships between the giants and smaller studios.
  • Elevating the Oreo by Hacking it With LA’s Celebrity Chefs. Oreo’s recent Snack Hacks video series is analyzed in this piece, which centers on celebrity chefs getting creative with Oreos. Many already know that Oreos can be used for almost any confectionary treat imaginable, but this shows chefs using Oreos for everything from Shandy to Oreo-crusted chicken. This video received over one million views in its first week alone, and illustrates the value of straying far from the “norm” and going viral.

What do you think was April’s most newsworthy article?