1. “Devil Baby Attack”

With over 38,000,000 views since its release on January 14, 2014, “Devil Baby Attack” is a mixture of comedy, terror, and animatronic genius. Published three days before the motion picture release of Devil’s Due, this video caught attention for its otherworldly infant, self-powered baby stroller and its ability to sufficiently frighten unsuspecting passersby in New York City. Though some criticize this video as riding the coattails of 2013’s “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise,” “Devil Baby Attack” takes a different approach to inciting fear. Check out the reactions that caught the attention of nearly 40 million viewers (and counting).

2. “Barack Obama’s a ‘G’”

Created by James Harris, “Barack Obama’s a ‘G’” was published on Vine and went viral thanks to Twitter. This video depicts President Obama displaying some funky dance moves before arriving at the podium to address the nation. With the State of the Union address scheduled for January 2014, it’s no wonder “Barack Obama’s a ‘G’” caught on like wildfire once the New Year arrived. Though not everyone loves this nonchalant portrayal of the President, the video continues to receive thousands of retweets and favorites.

3. “Tom Brady Can’t Get a High-Five PSA”

Although it wasn’t published until mid-January, “Tom Brady Can’t Get a High-Five PSA” is already going viral with over half a million views on YouTube. As the video illustrates, Tom Brady’s professional success and fame do not equal respect. The video features a compilation of footage of Tom Brady’s failed high-five attempts in 2013, then pulls at the heartstrings of viewers by asking them to “donate” a high-five to Tom Brady, stating, “You can be an angel to a helpless quarterback.” Check out the video below. Would you donate a high-five to Tom Brady?

4. “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Drunk, Swearing in Jamaican Restaurant”

As evidenced by this video’s nearly 2 million views in less than a week, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s inebriated rant in a Jamaican restaurant was secretly filmed and evidently buzz-worthy. Responses to the video are mixed as many patriotic Canadians are ashamed by this behavior, while others view the hidden camera footage as proof that politicians are as fallible as the rest of us. After watching the video, what do you think?

5. “Wrecking Ball” by Ron Jeremy

Compared to Ron Jeremy swinging on a wrecking ball in his underwear, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s outburst might seem normal. Parodies seem to be back in full swing this year (pun intended), as this spoof of Miley Cyrus’ music video for “Wrecking Ball” has earned over 3 million views on YouTube. Released mid-January, Ron Jeremy’s rendition of the 2013 hit is simultaneously hideous and hilarious. Check out the adult film star’s artistic parody below.

January 2014 Round Up

If January is any indication, 2014 promises to bring creative, funny, and even gruesome videos to the internet’s global audience.

Did you miss any of these videos? In your opinion, which is the best?