Jib’s are great to use. They provide excellent establishing shots and enable you to show off environments and landscapes. But full-sized jibs take time and multiple crew members to set up. As a result, many projects don’t have the time, crew, or financial resources that make a jib shot worth it.

Kessler solved these problems by creating a device called the Pocket Jib Traveler . See our video below for a more in depth look. 

The Vine video here shows why producers and creative directors are going to fall in love with this tool. There are multiple benefits of this tool including: portability; it only requires one person, ease of use; easy to set up and break down, time management; the tool prevents you from getting tied down to one location. Lastly, the tool allows multiple shots from a variation of locations.

Why is that important? For one, if your shoot’s running late, it only takes 5 minutes to set up and breakdown. Tom Guilmette demonstrates this fact in the Vine video here. He only needs about 2 minutes. Awesome right?

On the design side of things – often times lightweight means cheap and flimsy. But having tried the Pocket Jib Traveler on the NAB show floor – I can tell you this is not the case. Now, I haven’t tried it in the field, but I can already tell how it will be a huge asset for us.

When I do test it out, I’ll put together a detailed video about my experience. But until then, why don’t you check out what Jon Connor has to say about the product showcased at the Kessler booth during NAB.