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May 22, 2023

Our Culture

For nearly two decades, 522 Productions has been at the forefront of the ever-changing video production industry, witnessing and adapting to new technologies, platforms, and ideas. From the rise of the Internet and YouTube to the advent of iPhones, TikTok, and artificial intelligence, we have stayed ahead of the curve, continually evolving alongside the industry.

Suffice to say, there has been a lot of shift. 

Yet, amidst all this change, there is one thing that has remained constant – our unwavering commitment to building strong relationships with our clients and community. We understand that the true value of our work lies not in the quantity of videos we produce but in the quality of the relationships we build with each client. 

Over the years we have worked in hundreds of different industries to develop brand and educational content that challenges audiences to shift their perspectives on the world and how we live in it. We recognize that our clients are true experts in their fields which is why we work closely with them to gain a deep understanding of their audience and goals. This allows us to craft videos that truly resonate and inspire their audiences to take action.

Think back to the last piece of content you can remember. Why do you remember it? Was it personal? Impactful? More than likely, yes. 

At 522 Productions, our focus is not on creating generic, one-size-fits-all videos, but rather on producing content that is authentic, meaningful, and inspiring. We believe that the key to creating truly impactful videos is to connect with audiences on a human level and to inspire them to take action and effect real change in the world. 

When clients come to us, they know that we will craft them a video that they have never seen before and connect an idea to their audience. They trust that we will help them problem-solve and work through what their audience needs from them at that moment, meeting them where they are rather than adding more content to the noise. 

At the end of the day, our dedication to creating videos that actually change people is what sets us apart from the rest. We believe that technology is just a tool to help us evolve and grow, but it’s ultimately the human element that makes a difference. Creating a video is hard work but it is not rocket science. It is the process, the experience, and the strategy that really makes our videos different from the rest. 

As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in video production, while always staying true to our core values of creativity, collaboration, and client satisfaction. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, we are here to help you tell your story and make a lasting impact in the world.

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