Shortly after raising over $8 million in 2013Eyeview is making waves in the industry for its innovative personalization technology, which allows for the creation of tailored video ad experiences. In the wake of Facebook’s “A Look Back” campaign, Eyeview’s services are piquing interest among C-suite executives including Mark Zuckerberg himself. The company’s recent B2B campaign sent personalized video ads to more than 1,000 top level executives in an effort to communicate the value of their product.

Eyeview’s Personalized Video Ads

Offering a unique service, Eyeview combines data, targeting, and creative ad content to customize the video ad experience based on the individual user. As seen with Facebook’s recent video campaign, visual content that incorporates user-specific information is guaranteed to gain more attention than a traditional video ad. That being said, Eyeview is betting that top corporations will start flocking to the company’s one-of-a-kind service as a way to maximize the effectiveness of their video ad content and enhance customer engagement.

An Edge on the Competition

As Eyeview’s Founder and CEO, Oren Harveno, commented in a recent interview, “No other company in our industry brings together the three elements of audience data, rich targeting and dynamic ad creative all optimized under one solution.” While many advertising companies use different techniques, none seem to offer quite the mix found with Eyeview’s product. Thus far, it seems that Eyeview doesn’t have direct competition since no other companies are able to provide the exact same service. However, it’s a safe bet that companies in the industry are now scrambling to develop similar products in an effort to compete.

3 Benefits Eyeview Offers Brands

During his interview, Harveno acknowledged that brands have been struggling to reach customers in more effective, interesting ways. With Eyeview’s technology, brands serve to benefit from providing customers with an engaging, relevant and unique experience.

  • Engagement – Video advertising can be engaging, inspire emotion, and invoke memories, but incorporating user-specific content into an advertisement skyrockets interest and engagement like no other form of media.
  • Relevancy – As Eyeview highlighted in their B2B campaign, over 200 million Americans watch video ads each month, regardless of the device. Eyeview’s solution offers brands the ability to accurately target their audience with content guaranteed to be relevant.
  • Unique User Experience – It’s no secret that viewer experience weighs heavily on a customer’s decision to take action. The personalized video advertising services Eyeview provides create a memorable and custom user experience.

The Future of Eyeview

Facebook’s video campaign nearly “broke the internet,” according to its VP of Global Marketing. Taking a hint from the campaign’s success, it’s expected that Eyeview’s personalized video technology will change the landscape of advertising. Brands are becoming more aware of the potential impact of custom video ads and are looking to Eyeview for a fresh perspective. As far as the company’s future is concerned, Eyeview was recently named “Best Use of Data by a Retailer to Drive Sales” by Digiday. It may be too early to make predictions, but Eyeview’s unique advertising solution seems to be the driving force behind the company’s expected growth.

How do you think Eyeview’s services will change the future of advertising?