This means that your fans and current subscribers will be more engaged with your content. People who are watching content similar to your videos will see your uploads as suggested videos to watch, thereby helping you gain more targeted viewers.


The most notable changes to YouTube’s layout are coincidentally the most effective. Once your eyes adjust to the new layout, it is easily apparent how this helps businesses and others hoping to produce regular video content.

Streamlined design. This removes the extra clutter from YouTube’s home page. Your subscriptions will still show up on the feed, but now each upload has more prominence. You will pay more attention to the title as well as the description of the video. This helps viewers decide which videos they actually want to watch.
Titles. The title of the video now appears under it instead of above. For those who create and upload content, this means that more focus will be placed on optimizing the video thumbnail to make people want to click and watch the video.
Recommended Videos. YouTube changed its algorithm for suggesting videos that you should watch. Now YouTube considers a host of factors such as its content, how long people watch it, and click-through-rate before suggesting it to users.


These changes make it clear that YouTube is moving away from discovery-based browsing towards channel and platform-based browsing. This means that businesses should have an easier time establishing their brand and content on YouTube. To ensure that they get the most out of the changes, creators will want to amplify their subscriber counts as much as possible.

Many of these updates and changes are on the home page, which has the greatest impact on subscribers – people who are already loyal to your brand and watch your videos. They will see your uploads more prominently. However, non-subscribers and people randomly browsing YouTube will have a harder time stumbling upon your content unless they’re watching a related video.

While views may drop because discovery-based browsing is discouraged with the new layout, video content creators should rejoice because the new layout means that businesses and non-profits will receive more targeted traffic to their channels. Since the traffic is targeted, click through rates should improve as well as amount of videos watched. Furthermore, any elements of the video such as calls-to-action, are more likely to be heeded by a targeted audience. Of course, it will take much of 2013 to know fully how these changes will affect creators, but those serious about taking advantage of the changes will continue to strengthen their brand and story today.

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