Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Have you ever been at the grocery store, looking for one, simple, uncomplicated, granola bar… and stumbled into an entire aisle dedicated to hundreds of flavors and dozens of brands of granola bars? If you do, it takes 20 minutes for you to decide whether you should get a gluten-free, nut bar or a chocolate-covered caramel protein bar. And more than likely by the end of those 20 minutes (if you even make it that long) you prolly end up giving up and walking away. 

What does this have to with video production? Well, it’s a similar experience that a lot of companies go through when trying to decide on a video production company. Nowadays there are endless options for everything… which initially seems great but often leads to a lovely thing called analysis paralysis.

We are here to help you get unstuck with a few helpful tips to jumpstart your overstimulated brain:

1. Talk to references

When you are in the thralls of analysis paralysis, the last thing you want to do is try to search for a production company just to have thousands of options flood your search engine. Instead, try reaching out to people who have been in the same situation. Find out what video production company they worked with, what their experiences were like, and whether it was a good investment. Once you have talked through their experiences, you can start to craft your preferences for the video you want to create for your brand.

If you don’t have any people around you that have had experience working with a video production company, well, you could start by taking a gander at our lovely case study video to learn more.  

2. Align your decision with your goals

Before you go any further, ask yourself this question. 

Do you want your video to be good, cheap, or fast? 

And before you say all three, we’ll stop you there. The answer is “no.” Any company that tells you they can do all three is more than likely sweating bullets trying to think of ways to push out a subpar project as fast as possible. You need to pick a video production company that can do two of those things. So, your job is to identify what two characteristics you value the most and start your search for a video production company there. 

3. Trust your instincts

The information age is great and all, but it’s created an information overload that’s not helpful in your quest for the perfect video production company. So give the old-fashioned, behind-the-bellybutton, gut instinct a try. You more than likely know when a company is a fit for your brand. Trust that your instinct to reach out or try out a specific company is right and hey, if it isn’t, then try another company! Make sure you have a connection with them in that first interaction. If not, there’s nothing wrong with shopping around until you find the right fit for your brand.

Moving forward

If you are still in a slump, don’t fret! Everyone needs a break from the overstimulation – especially when your desktop continually piles up with stacks of less enticing versions of “Honey do lists.” Take a step back, assess your company goals; research according to those goals; and, of course, trust your gut! 

And since you’re here, you might as well peruse our website or even check out our Fortnightly Episode 09 which also talks about getting rid of that pesky analysis paralysis.