Unfortunately, more video is being uploaded to YouTube every minute than is being consumed. In fact, over two days’ worth of content is uploaded to the site every minute! So much new footage makes it nearly impossible for anyone to have their content seen by the masses. However, non-profit organizations are taking advantage of 3 YouTube marketing trends to spread their cause and story.


To activate their cause through YouTube marketing, non-profit organizations must approach with a holistic strategy. This includes storytelling, video optimization, and marketing with a limited budget. When utilized in accordance with one another, these three trends create amazing results.

1. Storytelling. Unlike television or theater, non-profits have to remember that video for the web is designed differently: everything has a faster pace. Since users can leave the video with a simple click of the button, it’s crucial to be concise and catchy in the opening moments of the video. In fact, to get the attention of the online community, several non-profit organizations have even considered using a YouTube personality as a spokesperson in their video.

Other storytelling considerations include whether or not the video is a standalone video or whether other videos will be released as well. And if other videos will be released, will they be released at random or as part of a larger schedule? Determining your video uploads will help you craft each particular video, since you know what is or isn’t coming next. Ultimately, the goal of the non-profit video is to encourage the viewer to do something, so don’t forget to include a CTA somewhere in the video!

2. Video optimization. Once you’ve created the video and have uploaded it to YouTube, it’s important to optimize it with metadata to ensure that users find it. Be sure to include any keywords that you want the video to rank for in the title of the video. Also include links to your organization’s website and any related sources in the description of the video. This ensures that people who want to learn more about your cause have a place to go for more information.

Furthermore, ensure that the tags used for the video encompass all the possible keywords that people might be searching to find your content. You can also activate your cause with Google’s Wallet “Donate” button. This allows viewers to donate to your cause straight from the YouTube video!

3. Share. Once your video’s metadata is optimized for YouTube success, it’s time to give it a gentle push to help it get started! Be sure to post your video on your non-profits Facebook page and any other social media platforms. If you have weekly newsletters or group emails, be sure to include the video and promote it wherever possible. If your non-profit works with organizations or has any close business ties, be sure to share the video with them – they might in-turn share it with their followers as well!