We’ve known for a while that mobile phone use would continue to increase, but what has become more apparent recently is the consumption of video through mobile devices. The top video genres for mobile users include:

Of these four genres, short funny clips are the most likely to be shared as well as music videos, both of which engage over half of the audience. This provides key information for marketers hoping to specifically target mobile users through video content.

Knowing all this information, marketers hoping for a successful video campaign should consider:

  1. Sound. Unlike video watched in the comfort of your home mobile users either have to wear headphones or listen to the sound through their device’s speakers. Since the speakers typically aren’t very good and the user might be in a public place, chances are they won’t be always able to catch every single word. Thus, you want to make a video that can survive on it’s own visually without the sound. Even music videos can be successful if the music isn’t fully appreciated through a mobile device’s speakers. A Lady Gaga video, for instance, will always attract eyes because of the visual creativity.
  2. Larger images. The smaller screen of a smartphone or tablet makes it difficult to notice the small pictures. Don’t be afraid to use close ups or bold lettering in your video to help the viewer easily see your focal point.
  3. Mobile searches. If you thought being on the first page of Google matters for web searches, it’s even more important for video search results. A survey of regular YouTube users show that over 61 percent don’t look past the first page of results on their mobile devices. This means you need to optimize keywords, description, and the video title.
  4. Shorter is better. The general rule of thumb used to keep YouTube videos under 2-3 minutes for optimal performance. With the rise of mobile users, however, 30 seconds is the prime length.
  5. Remember everyone else. While there are millions of mobile users, there are millions more who will be viewing your video through a traditional desktop. You’ll want to ensure that your video is also geared towards those users so that you don’t alienate any part of your audience. In other words, close-ups shouldn’t be too close and your sound should still have high quality.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’re positioning your brand to be in a strong place as more consumers are watching more video on their mobile devices. The annual growth rate is expected to be at 28 percent over the next five years, so brands that capitalize on this trend now will experience benefits for years to come.