As the cost of making video content goes down, we are seeing more video across the Web. However, we are also seeing more videos without a pulse. In the case of informational videos or training videos…it’s even more prevalent.

But, I certainly think this can change and I think there are some questions we can ask ourselves to help out in the process. If you produce a lot of training videos or informational videos for your clients, consider the following before posting your video:

  • How does my video open? – I know you’ve spent a lot of time editing and you think it’s great, but what happens in the first 15 seconds? If another viewer, other than yourself, watched the first 15 seconds, do you think they would click away? Ensure that there is enough to keep your viewer’s interest right from the start.
  • Is the video short enough? – Yes, I would encourage you to edit, edit, and edit a little more. I know we all have a lot to say, but video gives you an opportunity to pack a punch. Your message can be effective and concise…all at the same time.
  • Would background music help? – If you are producing a series of informational videos on your site, you might want to consider background music. Music can help the video move along and it can also provide some consistency across all of your content.
  • Is the audio clear? – The audio in your video is important. Even if you’re producing a webcast or recording a software demonstration, plan on getting really good audio. Don’t make your viewers put their ears to their laptop speakers just to hear your voice.
  • Is there a better way to “show” something in the video? – Video gives you the chance to show your audience what you are talking about. Before you even film anything, try to plan out the visuals for your video and determine the best way to communicate with your audience. Will a sequence of images tell a better story? What if you use b-roll or archived footage?

In summary, there are a number of things that separate good videos from the bad ones. However, I think considering these five things will certainly go a long way. Your videos may not be perfect, but they will at least have a pulse.