Pinterest is a very visual site. The most successful influencers on the website are those who are able to create the most engaging type of content for Pinterest. The site works best for marketers, companies and brands that are able to take advantage of every opportunity available to use video and image-centered content. Here are five reasons why it’s important to include videos in a Pinterest campaign.

  1. First, pinning videos helps drive traffic to specific areas on your website. The video can act as a teaser for featured content and can be used to increase buzz for a product or service. Some even use video on Pinterest as a way to launch a product or service.
  2. Using videos on Pinterest increases the number of YouTube views. By bringing the video content offsite to different communities, you have the opportunity to interact with people searching for your product or service. Right now, Pinterest users are the second biggest source of social traffic, but are by far the largest in making purchases. As more and more Pinterest users rely upon the site for shopping, it increases the likelihood users will be excited to see videos when stumbling upon your boards.
  3. By including video content on Pinterest, you have an opportunity to share content that is very visual – playing right into the hands of users. If users become excited to see the videos you produce, then you’re going to facilitate more sharing across the platform. In addition, Pinterest allows your content to not only be found on the site, but also found on other blogs or websites through embeds and other sharing practices.
  4. Videos improve trust and credibility. One of the major ways businesses build credibility is through recruiting videos, customer testimonials and brand films. When a company features these types of videos on Pinterest, users can immediately relate to the company in a very engaging way. Videos give companies the ability to demonstrate thought leadership and show the impact of a particular product or service.
  5. In addition to bringing more exposure to your website or business, Pinterest is also useful for curating video content. Have you ever wanted to share a video that poked fun at your industry? What happened to that “how-to” video that saved you 30-minutes? Well, Pinterest is also great for curating video content for your team and for clients. You can create public or even private boards to share with team members and clients alike.

Ultimately, these are some of the various ways in which a business can thrive by sharing video content on Pinterest. If you have a second, checkout 522 Productions on Pinterest. We’ve added a lot of content recently and want to start focusing more on this platform ourselves.