A professor of mine recently sent me a link for a free subscription to “Digital Video” magazine. There was a long form to fill out so I hesitated but since I was in the middle of an export and midnight I gave it a go.

A little later I received a link for a digital copy of the magazine and was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on it. Digital Magazine is a great resource to get the low-down on all the new digital gear out there, big-name projects, and the hot topics and trends at the moment, like 4k. The magazine has great articles about the professionals who use these camera’s in the field and great tips about the digital gear. There are amazing behind the scenes pieces that get your heart pumping for some production. I even enjoyed all the ads to all the new toys out there and since it’s a digital copy all the links and QR codes are active.

What makes this such a great read is how after reading about these cameras and gear, you can actually click on the company’s website to read more, watch videos and listen to interviews. This not only creates a powerful experience, but helps you retain what you are reading. By reading, seeing pictures and watching a video, it puts the camera and gear in perspective and you can utilize the knowledge on the next shoot.

Having such a rich media experience is enjoyable. It makes reading and learning about all the hot topics and trends easy. With so much changing in technology, it can seem repetitive to read about a new camera or software. Having links that take you to other sites with more images and videos has a certain entertainment value to it.

Digital Video Magazine is a great read for anyone interested in video production and any professional looking to stay up-to-date on digital trends. Just don’t take my word for it, download your free subscription by clicking on the link below.


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