Techniques for the Music Industry

Artists or brands looking to become music producers on YouTube should optimize their channels for discovery, according to the specified Playbook Guide. To do this, artists and brands should:

  • Frontload their titles
  • Include the original artist in the title line if the song is a cover
  • Use lyrics, links, band member names, album release dates, and any other pertinent information in the description
  • Use a bright, inviting thumbnail

If the musician is releasing an album or single, ensure that the channel is designed to display that information. Chances are that viewers will stumble upon a single video, and if they like it they will visit your channel. By placing any upcoming releases in the banner image or in your welcome video, new listeners are hooked on the spot.

Plays for Sports

Sports brands will want to enact Content ID on YouTube, according to the Sports Playbook Guide. This ensures that you get credit for every view even if someone else rips your footage and uploads it on YouTube. Sports brands should also consider the feature of going Live to broadcast sporting events. This gives teams the opportunity to engage fans in a novel, real-time way. Also be sure to list your channel under the Sports Category to increase your chances for being discovered. For more tips, check out the official guide here.

Educate through YouTube

According to the Playbook for Education, this genre is extremely creative and provides many opportunities for professional educators and the do-it-yourself producers alike! Programming strategies for education on YouTube revolve around three main considerations: Content style, content scope, and programming strategy.

For style, there are two main options:

  • Edutainment. This is a mix between educating and entertaining your audience. These types of videos are best when your ideal audience is the masses and your topic isn’t necessarily difficult.
  • Academic. These videos are often more curriculum and lecture based. They won’t receive the same type of traffic as edutainment videos, but the quality they offer is superb.

For other considerations and optimization techniques, check out the Educator’s Playbook here.