YouTube is the second largest traffic generator in the world – trailing Google.
YouTube allows users and organizations to control their visual media, so it’s the perfect avenue to tell a story and establish your brand. Videos such as Kony 2012, created in 2012 and garnered more than more than 100 million views, are stark reminders of how impactful social media can be. It demonstrates the massive positive influence nonprofits can have online.

Here are three reasons why nonprofits should unlock and thoroughly utilize the power of YouTube:

Unlike written content, videos have the ability to immediately engage your audience and expand on your topic using both audio and visuals. The visual aspect mixed with auditory elements make video the most effective media when it comes to narrating a nonprofit’s story, and the goal that they hope to accomplish. Videos garner more engagement and are more likely to be reviewed by your audience than long memos or White Papers.

Listen to the incredible stories about serendipitous science in this Golden Goose Awards 2019 video that we created for the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual ceremony.

Using a free platform like YouTube is an effective way to get a message out while saving on cost. Nonprofits have greater upload abilities as well – YouTube makes it easy for nonprofits to add a call-to-action to the video and link to Google’s Checkout “Donate” page. Can you say streamlined?

Videos have a greater chance of going viral and being passed around than an article or downloadable. Nonprofits seeking to build awareness and fundraise should take advantage of every opportunity available to go viral. While not every video will gain recognition similar to Kony 2012, YouTube uploads tend to receive more shares, likes, and comments than videos on other platforms. Viral may not always mean generating 2 million views, but if you’re a local nonprofit, for example, you may have a more subtle goal of capturing 2,000 views and generating buzz within the community. These metrics, along with others, are trackable within the platform, so you can see the impact of the content.

Check out this video we made for the Council for Interior Design Qualifications, to explain the importance of becoming a certified interior designer.

Additional Resources

As mentioned previously, YouTube provides some extra benefits for nonprofit organizations. Here’s a brief list of valuable resources designed just for nonprofit organizations. Reference these when you’re ready to start the video production process & begin telling your story to the world.

This particular site is dedicated to getting Google solutions & products in the hands of non-profit organizations. The site unlocks access to apps, YouTube premium access and grants. Check out this page first and get a sense of the entire suite of services available for your organization.

If you’re interested in Google’s program, access this site for eligibility requirements and to get the application process started.

These awards are a great way to get some inspiration from other organizations. I find that it’s always helpful to see what other types of videos resonate with audiences.

Need more inspiration? Check out some of our work with non-profits and hear about their experience with video production!