When it comes to raising awareness for your brand, video is a prime option. It can provide added flexibility and creative opportunity, often with an impact far beyond words alone. Video is one of the most engaging ways a brand can reach it’s audience; it’s quick, easy to consume and visually appealing.

Video is at the heart of our business and what we do — so it’s no surprise that we’re inspired by the way today’s brightest startups are using creative freedom to showcase their brands through video.

When it comes to startups, it can be difficult to thoroughly explain your company’s purpose and goals in an easy-to-understand “snackable” blog post; after all, especially if your product is based on a complex piece of technology. The more interesting you can make the product, the better. That’s where the power of the video comes in.

Why Video?

Here are some fast facts about video marketing, provided by Inc., to help explain why video marketing is a critical tool for 2016:

  • An estimated 84% of communication will be visually-oriented by 2018.
  • An estimated 79% of internet traffic will be comprised of video content by 2018.
  • Consumers are 85% more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video.
  • Posts with videos attract 3X more clicks on links than text-only posts.

Clearly, video marketing is an important and effective component of a marketing campaign. It can increase engagement and keep your brand current.

But not just any ol’ video will do! Here are a few startups that are making an effective imprint using video marketing:

June Intelligent Oven

June Intelligent Oven Blog Photo

First of all, the product really does speak for itself, I mean how cool is this thing? June did a fantastic job of showing a long list of their product’s functionalities in just over a minute – which is super tough. In video, not only is less usually more, but it can be the hardest thing to execute in a video project, and June executes it really well.


Zugata Blog Photo

Great use of animation to quickly explain their product. Better yet, the video is completely cohesive with the rest of Zugata’s brand if you check out their website. Also note that, just like June, their video is just over a minute long – short and sweet!

Fiscal Note

Fiscal Note Blog Photo

I have to give some love to our “local D.C.” startups. Fiscal Note does a great job of condensing a complex piece of technology into an easy to follow video. I love how, right at 1:30, they sneak in “the best part of Prophecy is that it’s on the Fiscal Note platform,” this gives them the perfect transition to touch on why their proprietary technology is the best out there and give more details on their company.


Luxe Blog Photo

With this video, Luxe showcases how it humanizes your parking experience. I love the touch of humor at the end with the confused man on the sidewalk. Notice again that the video length is under two minutes.

InVision App

InVision App Blog Photo

The InVision App uses a documentary style video series about “design disruptors” to pull you in. It’s a non-traditional approach that definitely leaves me interested in watching their full documentary and learning more about who they are (and how they got to interview so many influencers!). InVision took a risk here, but it paid off. Rather than focusing on their product, they are focusing on the experience of their audience. My favorite quote from this video? “Design is human.”


Headspace Blog Photo

Shameless plug – I actually use, and love, Headspace. Not only are the animations cute and the color scheme pleasing, but the voice over script is really effective and to the point. I also love the ending: “Who knows? Maybe if you treat your head right, the rest will follow.”


Eero Blog Photo

A great, short little video with humorous overtones. Eero uses a simple approach that communicates what their product is all about.


Moov Blog Photo

Great action video that leaves you inspired to get up and get active (while using their product!). MOOV does a great job of showing why their product is differentiated in the market.


Nest Blog Photo

A product demo/explainer video for their third generation Nest. Best line? “Programs itself, then pays for itself.”


TripCase Blog Photo

A snazzy video from TripCase. This video personifies the purpose of their app perfectly: to keep you calm, cool and collected through the stresses of travel.