Haven’t seen dry erase animation? Check out how YouTube’s largest stars are using dry erase animation to grow their channels and improve their own personal brand.

Let’s be honest, dry erase animation doesn’t have the most sophisticated artwork, and the production value can’t be compared to Hollywood film. So why are these types of videos so effective?

Storytelling. Everyone loves a good story. Since we were kids, compelling storytelling has held our attention from beginning to end. With dry erase animation, the synergy between the narration and the images unfolding on the screen create a powerful story that keeps us wondering what’s happening next. You’ll find yourself waiting to see what the hand will draw next and how the images re-emphasize the narration.
Behind-the-scenes. Most marketing videos present a finished, fully developed product. With dry erase animation, the viewer feels like they’re behind the scenes, getting a first-hand peak of how the video and artistic process is unfolding. Furthermore, because dry erase animation tends to be more personal, consumers are able to make a personal connection with your brand, which can drive purchases in the future!
It’s unexpected. Dry erase boards are generally considered boring objects, but dry animation suddenly makes them fascinating, which enraptures the viewer from beginning to end. This truly gives you the opportunity to engage viewers and get your message across. Furthermore, because this video practice is so focused on storytelling, it forces you to pay attention to the storytelling element, thereby ensuring that the message is clear, concise, and effective.

One of the biggest considerations about dry erase animation is that you would never use it as a traditional video ad. After all, you’re going to want your advertisements and promotional videos to be of a higher level of production. So what’s the implication?

Dry erase board videos are perfect for other types of video content such as how-to videos, explainer videos, describing why your products work, and a host of other creative video ideas. Remember, a successful video presentation through this medium will educate, communicate, and inform your viewer why they have a problem and how your brand and its services can provide an incredible solution.

Furthermore, remember to keep your video entertaining! One of the most unique aspects about the dry erase board video strategy is that it focuses on storytelling – and people want to be engaged and entertained by stories. This means that while you want to certainly educate viewers about your brand, you want to entertain them as well and establish that positive rapport. By successfully doing this, you’ll stay a step ahead of your competitors through your video marketing strategy!