The husband-and-wife team of Linh Truong and Stewart Lampe started their business with a minimal marketing budget and put much of their effort in to a website and social media. Their efforts paid off, but they really took off when environmental filmmaker Grant Baldwin shot a promotional video for the Dispensary’s website.

That video has now had over 2,000 hits and the couple say that it is mentioned by many customers who come to their store. You might say, “Just 2,000 hits?”

The Soap Dispensary is a boutique store that sells refillable soap dispensers and eco-friendly soaps and cleaners. A promotional video on soap, even eco-friendly soap is not high on most people’s must watch lists.

The point to focus on here is that a website video for a small specialized business got 2,000 hits. That is a possible 2,000 customers. Do you know of any business that would not like to quickly reach 2,000?

Web video marketing is proving in this case and many others to have real value for businesses small and large. If you are looking to incorporate web videos into your marketing strategy, contact us.