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University of Maryland


The University of Maryland’s baseball team was moving conferences after years of battling tough competition. The team wanted to seize the opportunity to elevate the perception of Maryland Terrapin baseball among potential recruits and its fan base.


After speaking with the team’s representatives, we decided to connect the audience with the pride, tradition, and dedication it takes to play Maryland baseball through the team’s uniform.


To inspire potential recruits, we went cinematic. Dramatic voiceover, bold imagery, powerful music and dynamic editing sparks a strong desire to play Maryland baseball. We spent three days embedded with the team, who granted us unrestricted access to practice, scrimmage and game situations. We used long lenses and high-speed cameras to capture the intimate moments and focus on the details of baseball.


The video has generated rave reviewers from Maryland Baseball’s recruiters and collected over 12,000 views on Youtube, while the footage itself has been repurposed in a variety of successful motivational baseball films.

Couldn’t be happier about this so far, big things!

Matt Swope

Director of Baseball Operations