Recently, I came across an article on David Caron’s Design blog that featured a series of infographics related to video production and online marketing. I enjoy infographics…and I especially liked these which featured some interesting angles on the state of web video.

One of the featured infographics provided a state of the online video industry based on information gathered in early 2012. The infographic provides a picture of survey results collected from Digiday and Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Video is predominantly used for brand engagement – The primary campaign objective for video advertisers is to create brand engagement. Over 73% of advertisers aim to engage their audience when setting out to produce video. This was a huge increase from just 18% in 2010.
  • Advertisers are still very optimistic with video – For the past few years, video has been at the top of the list for marketing professionals. The importance of this medium is often communicated in “things to look out for” blogs at the beginning of the year. Well, based on this survey, advertisers are still very optimistic with video advertising.
  • Advertisers still feel video needs to be more aligned with TV – For major online video advertisers, the feeling seems to be that online video ads need to be aligned with television campaigns. I think the reason that the majority of respondents still feel this way is because online video ads are still very much produced the same way as television spots. We will likely see a reduction in this number over the next few years. Largely because people will pursue dedicated online video ads vs. repurposing a television ad through online channels.

So, there are a few key numbers pulled from the infographic. Checkout the image below for a closer look.