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Tech vs. Creative



How do you approach a project? Is it from the creative side or the technical side? Do you ask yourself how can I achieve this..or I can achieve this by doing that.

Although the design world is a diverse place, I noticed it is mainly made up of two types of people. The creative type and the technical type. Occasionally  a person will posses both traits, however, ultimately those two traits will battle. When developing a concept, sometimes the creative vision out weighs the technical abilities. On the other side, our technical abilities restricts us from achieving our creative vision. How can these two abilities co-exist? The two traits seem to be polar opposites but I believe there is an intersection.

Since I possess more of the creative trait, I approach each project from the conceptual side. First, I dream. I take my concepts and push them to see what inspiration and imagination come about. Once I have the idea to a point where I’am ready for production or “comping,” I break it down to it’s most basic elements. It’s getting the idea organized and asking what tangible pieces I need to create my vision. Most of the time this process requires me to consult someone who is more technical than I am. This type of teamwork and conversation is really what breathes life into a project. This is the intersection where these traits work together. So it’s not really tech vs. creative, it’s tech vis-a-vis creative.

For example, I recently finished producing my “Inspire” project, which was posted last week. When I first started the project I knew I wanted to visually represent my hometown with beautiful landscapes and big billowy clouds. I also wanted to represent failures with ominous skies. With my production schedule and deadline, I could not wait for the February weather to cooperate. I filmed the landscapes I wanted -at certain times of day, but of course the skies I dreamed of were no where in site. I decided to film them anyway. Once I had my footage, I consulted my colleagues about my vision. These discussions led to a process called “sky replacement”..I’m such an idiot. By researching this method and watching a tutorial or two, I had the technical abilities to replace the sky in several shots; hopefully the viewer never noticed.

So it just goes to show you that you can have your head in the clouds while still being grounded.

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