Consumers are more educated and smarter about their buying decisions. We all know that. So, at the end of the day, what really matters when you are trying to decide what product to purchase?

Well, I’d like to chat about the experience I had with a recent purchase. I’m a huge fan of my iPad2 and have seen what happens if it is not protected properly. So, I went out on a search to find the perfect case.


One of my main requirements was to find a durable case that would work with my Smart Cover. The Smart Cover is great…for the cover. But, the back of the iPad is not protected at all. I wanted to make sure that I could find a case that would compliment the Smart Cover and provide more protection for general travel.

I read MacLife, MacRumors and several other Mac product sites all of the time. So, I decided to start there and gather a bunch of reviews. I followed up on the reviews and checked individual product sites. I also went to the Apple store and checked out their cases. I just wasn’t sold on anything.

Then, I remembered that I bought an awesome laptop bag about five years ago from WaterField. I decided to checkout their website and see what they had available. That was it.

After landing on I immediately found a section of the website dedicated to iPad cases. But, I also noticed the company offered something else – product videos. Gary, the owner and founder of WaterField Designs, Inc., hosts a series of videos for many of their products. In each iPad case video, Gary talks about design, durability and demonstrates how to use the product. Basically, these videos answered all of my questions. I was able to see how each case worked and determine if it was compatible with the Smart Cover.

After checking out all of the product videos, I picked the Travel Express (black). It works with the Smart Cover and still matches the laptop bag I bought five years ago. At the end of the day, WaterField Designs, Inc. presented me with an irresistible offer. And, that is the power of producing a product video.