Prince George’s County VFD - 522 Productions Prince George’s County VFD - 522 Productions

The Definition of Dedication

Prince George’s County VFD has multiple fire stations with unique individuals and features that keep citizens safe.

It takes a special type of person to put one’s own life at risk to save others, qualities that can be found in each and every firefighter and EMS technician. It requires a tremendous amount of courage and a unique combination of character and strength. Joining the Fight is a series of videos created with the goal of identifying and recruiting individuals who possess the qualities required to become one of these heroes. These videos highlight multiple fire stations in Prince George’s County, MD, detailing the unique individuals and features at each station, with the goal of attracting volunteer candidates. 522 Productions produced these videos to attract potential recruits inside the walls of each fire station, providing exclusive access to the key features each station offers.




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