Incredible B2B Video Marketing Trends on YouTube


Did you know that 1.3 million hours of YouTube videos are watched in any given hour? With so much competition, especially in B2B marketing, it’s no wonder that brands are now pushing boundaries to bring attention to their business. By being creative with the way that they promote their products and services, these businesses are able to get the attention of prospective clients and begin the process of converting leads.


VerticalResponse Uses Humor on YouTube

Joining forces with AppExchange, VerticalResponse has used parody to cut through the video clutter on YouTube and reach their ideal audience. Using a rap that spoofs a popular Dr. Dre song, VerticalResponse was able to encourage other businesses to use their email marketing solution.

With less than 15,000 views, the video isn’t considered viral, but it’s been extremely influential because the video campaign has been highly targeted in the B2B community. With a creative idea and a strategy to target specific viewers, VerticalResponse was able to create an incredible B2B marketing video that has drawn incredible results.

Cisco Goes Viral

With nearly half a million views, this Cisco B2B marketing campaign achieved the coveted goal of many marketing experts: going viral. Cisco utilized humor and suspense to keep viewers watching through all 3 minutes of the video. Unfortunately, despite utilizing an incredible call-to-action at the end, it’s still unclear exactly what product or service Cisco is trying to promote.

Perhaps they’re simply trying to raise awareness for their brand, but the video does little to explain what benefits the Cisco product has over a Blackberry/Treo PDA. While the general public might be willing to do a Google search to learn more, prospective B2B clients want this information presented to them in the video marketing.

Microsoft Produces Reliable Content

One of the most notable trends in B2B marketing on YouTube is how many videos are focusing less on the businesses their promoting and more on the clients they’re trying to reach. In fact, even Microsoft has engaged in this practice, as the vast majority of the company’s recent YouTube videos are focused on philanthropy, problems to avoid, and general technology news. Because the business world moves at such a fast pace, B2B marketing must provide useful content that prospective clients in the niche will find helpful. Naturally, the more that you establish your leader in a specific industry, the more often businesses will look to your brand the next time they need a solution in your niche.

B2B Marketing Tips to Remember

Whether or not you incorporate any of these creative ideas into your video marketing campaign, remember that one of the most important aspects is to be aware of the purchasing stage that your video is trying to target. For instance, are you trying to raise awareness about your brand and service? Or are you trying to close the deal? Either way, knowing the purpose of your video will help you make a more effective video and market it to B2B clients in a way that will yield the results you desire.

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