Here are five ways you can boost your marketing results by airing your video in non-traditional venues:

  1. Right before the movie starts, your spot airs. Think about it, you have a captive audience. They’ve turned off their cell phones, are halfway through their first tub of popcorn, and are all facing the same direction. If your target market is 18-30 year olds with disposable income, the movie theater is your crowd. Marketing your local business with a really nicely produced commercial in this venue has great potential.  Perhaps it’s a better investment than that fragmented population you are trying to reach with late night cable?
  2. TV screens are popping up everywhere. The airport, the mall, your pediatrician’s office, and even your dentist’s ceiling are sporting high-def screens. This creates a huge opportunity for advertising to the captive audience. If you really know your demographic, you can get their attention with your message. Again, make sure your message is produced well. No cliché “local commercial” fuzzy focus sixty second spots, please.
  3. We have a video, but how do we make it viral? Your message has to be so compelling, that people want to share it. One of the earliest viral videos was created by Long John Silvers. More recently, Reebok is vying for your attention with their new clothing line. Well, not really. This one is rated PG-13. We have ABC News to thank for the strategic blurring. So whether you want to lean towards the shocking variety of promotion or the funny kind, creating a viral video that takes on a life of its own as people share it starts with a compelling message. It’s important to make sure the production value matches the message. If you want your audience to think they are watching a spy cam, edit accordingly.
  4. Including video in your email marketing can double your open rates. Your email marketing video should blatantly elicit a response in order to be effective. Email is reappearing in the marketing world as a viable means by which to reach your customers with information and updates they expect from you. Make sure your production quality is up to snuff. Videos should be packed with information and position you as the expert in your field.
  5. Content marketing is growing more important as consumers seek to educate themselves before they go shopping. Home Depot’s how-to series found on their website is a perfect example of a means by which to position yourself as an expert in your field. By focusing on solving your customers’ dilemmas, and then immediately associating yourself with that solution, you secure long term loyal customers. People are visiting your website to see if you can help them with their problem. Make it clear through your videos that you can.

Ultimately, video content is so much more than a web video or television commercial. Reuse, repurpose or reinvent how you use your videos and make an impact with your customers.