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You’ve got a lot riding on your event. You’re trying to raise awareness, move your industry forward, honor accomplishments, or raise money… all while keeping your board, members, or supporters happy. There’s no better way to engage your audience than creating videos that inspire your audience. The 522 event video production team is here to help you develop a promotional strategy, capture content on the day of the event, or create educational or promotional material afterwards.

Our Process


We work with your team to understand the goals of your event, the subject matter, the logistics of the venue, and the expectations of the audience to bring your message and your vision to life.


On the day (or days) of the event, there are a lot of logistics to worry about. You’ve got enough on your plate. We can handle everything from coordinating participants, to working with the event space to ensure everything goes off without a hitch!


Whether you need your video(s) that evening or next quarter, we’ll handle all of the editing, including working with your team to understand the formats, aspect ratios and branding guidelines to ensure your videos look their best!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to the event, we can work with your team on producing promotional videos or social videos to get your attendees excited or boost attendance. When it comes to the day of the event: you have the entire event to put on. You can focus on the run of the show… and we can handle the rest. Or, we can simply provide your team with the extra support to execute your vision. We’ll guide you through what we might need from the video participants and the event space itself, as each venue involves a variety of restraints… or as we like to think of them: opportunities.

Whether you need a small one-person band… errr, solo artist… or a comprehensive 8-camera coverage with jibs and roving cameras, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work with you to find out your event’s particular needs and put the right pieces in place.

Boy, do we! We love working with our national (and international) network that we’ve established a strong working relationship with over the years. This provides a ton of efficiencies on the day of your event. We’ve developed a network of local event video specialists who have an intimate knowledge of out of town venues - those who understand the nuances of filming in certain buildings or spaces - from knowing the best way to load in gear, to the local details of finding parking… and most importantly: secure the best coffee!

Even if your event doesn’t feature live streaming video, we’ve certainly done event videos where we’ve edited on site and uploaded on the same day. Those are typically a more extreme case - but goes to show you that we can work with your schedule. Some clients want to strike while the iron… or in this case, enthusiasm from the event, is hot and get files out within a few weeks of an event. Others simply want to capture footage of events to promote the event the following year.

OMG, yes! It’s your footage! You hired us - so why would we not provide you with the finished files! (Apologies for the passion behind that answer… but we know it’s not always the case, and video companies who insist on keeping the footage has never made sense to us).

We sure can! The post-pandemic world has seen a dramatic increase in the number of event and award shows streaming. It’s an excellent way for those who may not be able to attend a specific session in person to gather the information that your team and speakers worked so hard to put together! You can also release the coverage after the event itself so it’s an added benefit that members or attendees can go back and review after the event.

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