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Wegmans | Brand Anthem


Finding and attracting the best talent is essential to Wegmans’ success. The grocery and retail industry as a whole faces stiff competition to attract the best and brightest talent that will ultimately represent their culture. Wegmans is often considered one of the best places to work. So, when it came to developing a series of recruitment videos, it was essential to capture the energy and passion engrained in Wegmans’ culture. We were asked to provide a glimpse into the world of Wegmans and entice viewers to apply to Wegmans before considering anywhere else.


Wegmans’ has a strong national presence. Their customers are extremely loyal. The primary reason behind this loyalty lies in the people that work there. From the folks on the front lines to those in the back of the house – the people at Wegmans loves what they do. We wanted to capture that excitement within this 2-minute video. To show off a variety of areas and possibilities that a career at Wegmans might entail.

Wegmans | Brand Anthem


We started off by trying to uncover as much as we could about what it is that makes Wegmans such an amazing place to work. We set out to create a video that captured the sights and sounds of their stores. We wanted to highlight key messages by selecting select moments from in depth interviews we conducted with a variety of Wegmans’ employees. We covered these poignant responses with fast-paced, engaging visuals to give the piece a warm, energetic feel.


The video is prominently featured on the Wegmans’ career page and is often used by recruiters to highlight Wegman’s culture.

Overall, everyone at Wegmans loved the videos! They loved the way their values were tied in and a variety of people are featured in it as well and wanted us to pass along their thanks!

Tim Mileswski

Vice President, Creative Director


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