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Establishing yourself in the world of tech-startups is no easy task. But for this project, Fiscal Note needed us to make a video that would do just that. They already had an incredible team and a revolutionary product, but they needed a video to share with the world that reflected their vision of the impact their platform could have on government, business, and everyday life.


We knew that the best approach for Fiscal Note would be a piece that was emotional, engaging, and impactful. The viewer didn’t need to come away from the video having a complete understanding of how their product worked, what they needed to do was understand that Fiscal Note is an industry leader and that their work is changing the world.



In our concept phase, we played around with the idea of letting the company’s CEO speak to the camera in an off-the-cuff, interview style approach. However, we realized that if we were going to hit every emotional arc that we were striving for, we needed to keep the messaging direct and succinct. Therefore, we decided to use a combination of scripted content with interesting and dynamic stock imagery. This gave us the flexibility we needed in post production to make sure that the pacing and emotion hitting on every aspect that we needed it to.


The resulting video turned out amazing. It is fast moving, emotionally engaging, and extremely pleasing to the eye. FiscalNote used it as an introduction to a conference they were hosting called ReInventing Influence.

I really love this! The video came out very well and accomplished all our goals. Thank You!

Janet Hall

Vice president of Marketing


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