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Centers for Disease Control: Let’s Stop HIV Together


Medicines and Treatments for HIV have taken huge leaps in the past 15 years and the disease is no longer the death sentence it once was. With all of these advancements infection rates among gay and bisexual men are still very high. This is the result of the stigma that HIV/AIDS still hold over the community. Most people don’t know of their options because they are scared to talk about it. Our goal was to create a series of videos that would reach this audience and get them talking about their health within their personal relationships.


The community of gay and bisexual men in america is a tight knit community that leans on each other for support in many ways. By creating videos that exists in small bites on facebook, and instagram peak our audience’s interest and give them something to share. A message they can get behind and move throughout the community. Traditional outlets won’t be as successful as a social media movement that can ignite conversation even in the comments section.

Centers for Disease Control: Let’s Stop HIV Together


If the idea is to get people talking to each other why don’t we do that ourselves? Our goal was to show the audience that these conversations aren’t heavy and too serious. These conversations happen at brunch, or having friends over the in summer. These conversations are part of life and can have so much impact. By showing our audience it isn’t scary we can start to chip away at the stigma one conversation at a time.


The videos have been released to millions across North America. The CDC has used them to spark conversation with individuals and communities across the country. The series has already amassed over 100 thousand views and climbing.

Being open about my HIV status changed my life. I can now live the life I always wanted to.

Charles Sanchez

Interview Participant


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