When it comes to creating video content, no one does it better than Hollywood – so why not model your video strategy after Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters? By taking advantage of the storytelling techniques and marketing strategies that Hollywood has mastered, you can take your brand to the next level and outperform your competitors!

Because the rules for media monetization and social media success continue to be rewritten as the internet evolves, Hollywood is the best example when it comes to creating effective and compelling video content.

Make the Most of Your Resources

Though Hollywood regularly deals with budgets ranging in the millions of dollars, they’ve still felt the challenges of today’s US economy. Just like the rest of us, Hollywood has had to make more of less while still creating stellar products in the process. Likewise, whether it’s through social media or traditional video marketing, brands need to learn how to make more of less. In fact, we have to learn to make more of less in more ways than one, as consumer attention spans are similarly shrinking.

Stop Focusing on Your Customers

Hollywood producers know that while it’s important to recognize the audience, it’s the story that matters. Likewise, marketers and brands need to understand and perfect the ability to market their brand without pressuring consumers too much. In other words, it’s just as useful to invest in brand awareness than it is in product marketing. For instance, consider this Publix commercial.

While the video focused on Mother’s Day and never directly promoted Publix throughout the meat of it’s content, the sentimental value resonated with mothers across the nation. Focusing too much on customers and trying to close a sale can detract from your overall marketing efforts. This commercial is a prime example of the fact that, sometimes, general brand awareness is the most powerful marketing possible.

Spin-Offs Make Your Content Valuable

Because the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads are an iconic symbol marketing, many advertisers are taking advantage of these familiar commercials to create spin-offs. Since the concept is similar, they are more likely to resonate with potential customers. However, the largest pitfall lies in making sure your video content is still unique and provides something of value specific to your brand.

Consider the Larger Picture

When a film is finished, it flows so smoothly from beginning to end that we often forget how choppy the filming process can be. Sometimes it can take an entire day on set just to shoot 30 seconds of a film. When filmmakers go scene by scene, they must consider the bigger picture or else the consistency and flow will be missing as the film is edited together. By keeping the end product in mind, filmmakers are able to make decisions that truly benefit the entire project.

Likewise, while you definitely want to put thought into your video marketing strategy, don’t forget the bigger picture of your overall marketing campaign. Being able to tie-in video marketing with your other marketing efforts will create a holistic campaign that yields incredible results for your brand.