Black magic has 3 different cameras the original EF/M43 Mount 2.5kthe 4k Production Camera and the Pocket Cinema Camera. Up until the price drop, I felt there was little compelling reason to invest in the $3000 2.5k camera over the $4000 4k camera, even though the 4k camera had 1 stop less of dynamic range, and was a bit less sensitive to light. The 4k camera also has the benefit of having a super 35mm sensor so you don’t have such a massive crop. Granted, you can get the metabones speed booster and adapt a nikon to the m43 version, but that is a $429 investment, plus you have to get different lens if you were a canon shooter. But at $2000 it makes much more sense. The price drop really sets the 2.5k camera really sets the camera apart from the 4k camera. A $2000 difference makes buying the camera, even with the $429 adaptor a much easier pill to swallow.

But that does bring in to the issue of the pocket camera, which is priced at $1000. Well you may think, what’s the issue there is a $1000 difference, well the 2.5k camera comes with the $1000 Davinci Resolve, and the $600 Ultrascope. Basically the 2.5k is just a better value, however that does not mean that the pocket camera is not worth it. First and foremost the pocket cinema camera is still $1000, and you can use Resolve lite, or any other coloring program if resolve is not your program of choice. Second, the size and weight of the camera along with its interchangeable batteries active m43 mount, and SD cards make it a much lighter and makes your rig less complex.

Ultimately, I feel that the price update allowed for better differentiation between each product. And helps make the original camera a much more desirable option against the 4k camera.