July 24th and 25th brought together video campaign marketers and production companies for the video industry’s most comprehensive gathering. The 2014 Reel Video Summit, hosted at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, featured panels and presentations with thought leaders in digital video marketing.

The diverse group of professionals attending the event shared one commonality: a passion for continual development and innovation in video marketing. Listening to top authorities in their field and participating in myriad breakout sessions allowed participants to leave with countless new ideas and inspirations.

Keynote Speakers Featured at the Event

A wide array of influential individuals provided remarks regarding recent developments and innovations in the video marketing industry. The keynote speakers included:

  • Jon Klaff, Google/YouTube’s Head of Media Solutions and Brand Activation Team, provided the opening keynote address, in which he highlighted the need for marketers to adapt to changing audiences and identify measurable outcomes.
  • Jim Louderback, Discovery Digital Networks’ General Manager, hosted a “fireside chat” regarding hot topics in the video marketing industry, including native advertising and fraudulent video advertising.
  • Jonathan Perelman, GM of Video & VP Agency Strategy at BuzzFeed, discussed the importance of crafting content to suit the method in which audiences consume it. He used examples from his popular website on distinguishing sharable versus consumable content and creating viral video.
  • Allison Stern, Tubular Labs co-founder, presented her most compelling advice on leveraging YouTube to promote and optimize content. Stern also unveiled the company’s new Brand Intelligence Dashboard.

“Grill the Gurus:” Sitting Down with Industry Leaders

One of the most valuable and compelling components of the 2014 Reel Video Summit were the intimate sessions it offered with various industry professionals. Small groups of attendees gathered around tables to discuss the most pressing issues in the industry.

The sessions began before the Open Reception Party, allowing participants to begin conversations early. Each table featured two “gurus” and a specific topic; attendees chose in which groups they wished to participate. Participants moved freely between tables, providing a dynamic atmosphere to kick off the event.

Exploring YouTube’s TrueView Advertising

This in-depth workshop was led by aimClear Advertising Director Manny Rivas and SEO-PR co-founder Greg Jarboe. The session provided participants with the latest information regarding the partnership between Google and YouTube to provide tools for advertisers and content marketers.

Rivas and Jarboe laid out a comprehensive overview of the various techniques video marketers should employ and avoid in light of cutting-edge strategies around demographic research, remarketing, ad units, and Google Analytics. They also offered case studies of companies such as Volvo, P&G, and Microsoft that recently won and lost at the TrueView game.

Navigating the Global Future of SEO

Doug Freeman, Vice President of Business Development for Sovee (a translation service) led a seminar entitled “Translations, Closed Captions, Accessibility, SEO & Global Reach.” The session offered attendees an all-encompassing look into new ways brands can differentiate themselves from competitors using emerging technologies.

In his presentation, Freeman covered pioneering methods to reach and engage with larger audiences. These included closed captioning, accessibility features, video player compatibility, HTML5, and mobile devices. Participants in the session gained a better understanding of how to increase the interactivity and search ability of video marketing content for all audiences.

Understanding the Importance of Analytics

In “Video Marketing Performance Metrics, Analytics, Tools & Tips,” presenters Allison Stern, CJ Bruce, John Holdridge, Julie Perry, and Reed Lucas addressed the need for robust statistical strategies in video marketing. They discussed the most important components to measure, such as clicks, impressions, search rankings, video views, and more. Also covered were which platforms and tools help users measure their performance against their competitors.

Discovering JW’s Video Innovations

“New Innovations in Video Technology” featured Jeroen “JW” Wijering, one of the most influential online video player inventors. JW presented an interactive view of the newest technologies in the industry, as well as discussing how HTML5 allows marketing and retail professionals to expand the reach of online video with more compelling experiences for viewers.

An Illustrated History of Video Marketing

This entertaining two-part video played an important role in the marketing and promotion of the Reel Video Summit. In it, animated figures demonstrate the evolution of video marketing from its origins on household televisions to computer screens and mobile devices.

Part 1 of the Illustrated History video lauds the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in distributing and consuming video marketing, remarking they “championed the revolution” in the industry. It ends by calling viewers – assumedly professionals in the industry – to adapt to meet the diverse needs of audiences.

For those who attended the 2014 Reel Video Summit, the call to action presented by the Illustrated History of Video Marketing video will likely come to fruition more quickly than for their competitors. Armed with a treasure trove of valuable new information, these marketers are ready to embark on their future video marketing efforts with a newfound vengeance.

Did you attend the 2014 Reel Video Summit? What were your takeaways from the event?