A Survival Guide to the Digital App-ocalypse


As I sip on my 3rd coffee of the morning and flip through the App Store, my paranoia increases. Maybe it’s the caffeine or just a genetic habit, but my mind is racing with the thought of someone, somewhere, developing an app that will replace me as a designer and filmmaker. The idea itself is not that far off. There are creative apps for everything. Consumers are creating imagery, websites and videos with the help of these little creatives (keeping it kid-friendly for this post). It’s only a matter of time before the apps become self-aware and enslaves the human race, and quite possibly will make us suffer for taking vintage looking pictures with retina display technology.


So with the “Digital App-ocalypse” on the horizon, I’m comforted by the thought that my time machine is almost complete..I’m also comforted with the thought that no app will ever be able to replace the creative mind and the evolving talents we have as designers.

But just to be safe and to ensure that you are not enslaved by “appluretron”, leader of the “Decepto-Apps” here is a survival guide.

  •  Take the time and sketch, stencil, paint or draw. Create something without the help of an app. These skills will make sure apps are used as tools, not the other way around.
  • Revisit the principles of design and elements of art. These are basic properties that set your work apart from any filter.
  • Understand what an app does. Before you use a tool, you should understand what it is and if the tool is right to use. Vintage photography might not work for a technology client.
  • Be yourself. Create your own style and filters. Try creating your own lens flares form scratch and understand what goes into making one.

So until that day we send an app back in time -to ensure the survival of the human race. And allowing the creatives to freely create.

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