Since Vine is so new and free-spirited, taking a look at successful Vine posts will provide ideas for any video marketer. Some incredible examples of Vine marketing include:

1. Taco Bell – By playing on their “Think Outside the Bun” slogan, Taco Bell was able to make a successful “Think Outside the Bag” post to promote their Doritos-based taco. This Vine post not only incorporates creativity but also provides all the details consumers need, such as the availability of the product.

2. The Paperman’s Escape – While this animated Vine post doesn’t necessarily promote a specific person or brand, it’s a fine example of the creativity that marketers can incorporate into 6-seconds. Aside from impressing with the technical prowess needed to pull off this clip, the post shows that a compelling story can be told in 6-seconds or less!

3. Busby Berkeley’s Match Sticks – Stop animation is a classic tool that is guaranteed to tickle any audience. Because Vine limits videos to only 6-seconds in length, you don’t have to worry about the technical considerations that would accompany a longer stop animation video. It’s much easier to create this 6-second animation of matchsticks than a 30-minute episode of the classic clay-based series, Wallace and Gromit.

4. Wheat Thins – Why spend millions of dollars on a Super Bowl ad when you can create a Vine post for free? That’s exactly what Wheat Thins decided to do and they even incorporated the Super Bowl in this fun Vine post! If you’re looking for big impact marketing on a small budget, Wheat Thins has proven that Vine is a viable option!

5. Malibu Rum – For their first Vine post, Malibu Rum showcased what happens when two good things come together. By mixing stop animation with regular video, Malibu Rum was able to create tension and relief in this 6-second Vine clip. Again, it’s just another example of the limitless creative possibilities!

6. Jenga- Watch as this Jenga tower builds itself – only to be smashed by the HULK!

7. SweetShot Photography – How long does it take to advertise your boutique photography service and headshot sessions? Six-seconds will do the trick!

So what makes Vine posts so appealing and effective? It’s because short-form content focuses you to think of the value of every word or visual you use. Think of a Vine-post as a six-second elevator pitch. Similar to sharing your business idea in less time than it takes for the elevator to reach the executive suite, a Vine video forces marketers to think about the purpose, effectiveness, and goal of their post. Plus, it’s always helpful to know that humans are visual creatures and that videos help create a lasting impression for any brand!