Often, the decision to use animation is a debated one. If you and your company are on the fence over an animated video, consider the following reasons animation could strengthen your brand:

  • It’s cost effective. Ironically, people believe that animation is more expensive than it actually is. While good, complex animation will cost a bit of money, so will an entire day of filming a real life commercial. Keep in mind that commercials require a crew, set, make-up, talent, editors, and much more. In other words, if money concerns are an issue, you might be surprised to weigh the cost of animation against real life filming.
  • They’re more effective. Animation doesn’t have to be limited to video. For instance, many brands use animation in the banners that run across their websites. Keep in mind that according to recent research from Crisp Media, banner ads with animation are 4.5 times more effective than static ads.
  • Creativity. Consumers love creativity; creative ads tend to be researched on YouTube after their television life. Because the options are limitless in animation, you can be as creative as you want without having to worry about physical limitations that a real life commercial faces.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C advertising, animation isn’t prevalently used. Using an animated ad immediately sets your business apart from others who advertise through more generic means. Furthermore, you’re establishing a positive first impression with people experiencing your brand for the first time.
  • Create character. Consider Geico. While your animated ads might not become recognizable nationwide, you can create an image or character unique to your brand.
  • Timelessness. While many companies use star power to energize their advertising campaigns, the campaign ends as soon as the celebrity’s career ends. With animation, however, your ads are timeless regardless of star power.
  • Save time. Creating an animated ad could potentially save you time, especially if you want to create a series of ads that will play back-to-back over the course of a few weeks.

Overall, using animations in your brand’s advertising campaign is a great way to set your brand apart from competitors. There are many surprising benefits such as reduced costs and increasing the shelf life of the ad. Remember, in advertising, you want your brand to make an impact and stand out. With custom animation that reflects your brand’s personality, your ads will definitely stand out.

Be sure to emphasis your brands style and logo in the ad. Animation gives you the opportunity to be more visually engaging, so ensure that every move is made with the purpose of reinforcing your brand in the minds and eyes of consumers.