It’s official: Vine’s roots have taken hold of the marketing industry. With Hollywood, Fortune 500 companies, and marketing agencies all taking advantage of Vine’s platform, it’s more important than ever to use creativity to make your brand stand out. However, it can be difficult to effectively showcase your brand and creativity within just 6 seconds of video. Brands that do this well experience incredible results while those with haphazard content see almost no return.

Unlike Instagram where you’re showing off your photography skills, Vine is all about creativity and ingenuity. Brands that successfully pull this off create a positive image and increase their chances of going viral. Stuck trying to come up with a neat Vine idea for your brand? Try incorporating these 7 awesome ideas into your Vine marketing campaign for maximum results!

Tell a Story

Forget 120-minute movies in the theater. With Vine, you can get an entire story within just 6 seconds! Don’t believe us? Check out this Vine post that the folks at @TwitterNYC put together. It showcases the Twitter bird traveling from different destinations to arrive at home sweet home – aka TwitterNYC!

Use a Magic Trick

Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube are of Chriss Angel and David Blaine. No matter how simple the illusion, we’re all fascinated by magic. Simply harness this imagination into a Vine video to exploit the “magic” of your brand. Because magic tricks are so visual and memorable, commission a professional magician to film an illusion for you and simply flash your brand’s logo at the end of the clip. Viewers are left with a positive impression of both the trick and your brand.

Create Stop Motion Animation

There’s something that we all find fascinating about stop motion animation. Perhaps we’re all waiting for what’s next or we’re anxiously observing how things magically unfold. Regardless, stop motion animation is a powerful tool in any content, so why should Vine be any different?

Use Your Brand’s Material

All marketing is focused on building your brand and gaining exposure. What better way to do that than with some of your promo materials? This Vine by @Marketo incorporates the company’s branded cups in a growing pyramid. Everyone loves some free office swag and using it to promote your brand in 6-seconds is just another reason to love it!

Be Awesome

Don’t forget the cool factor! Just 6-seconds of watching this awesome Vine is enough to make you like whoever made it! In other words, just because it’s a 6-second video, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to produce. This Vine obviously took a lot of effort and creativity. If you’re still struggling to come up with an idea, then…

Hire a Video Director

Okay, so it might seem a bit excessive to hire a full-pledged video director just for Vine, but if you already have a video crew making other video material for you, why not add Vine to the mix? This will help your content stand out and creates a greater sense of consistency among all of your video content. Furthermore, video crews are blossoming with creativity, so you might as well harness their talent anyway!

Showcase a Live Event

If your company is about to host a conference, fly out for business, or anything else exciting, then showcase the event on Vine! Clients always love seeing what you’re brand is up to, and raw material has a way of humanizing your brand and bringing it to a more relatable level.