522 Productions, a leader in the Washington DC video production industry, shifts their focus with a newly redesigned website. The new website features easier navigation and robust content outlining 522’s full range of multimedia solutions.

Alexandria, VA • May 22, 2011 • May 22, 2011 marks the fourth new website launched by 522 Productions since 2004. The redesign was sparked by the company’s growth in the communications industry and emphasizes their growth in the video and digital communities.

522 spent the better part of the last decade evolving and mastering the production industry’s latest technology in order to deliver videos that engage target audiences worldwide. This evolution led to their belief that many companies still struggle to effectively position themselves on the web, and wrestle with how to take advantage of the possibilities that video provides. 522’s latest website accomplishes this for themselves. Now they look forward to continuing to help their clients find their most effective solution.

Simply put, 522’s redesigned website reflects the company’s new direction and solutions. If you have a message to convey, 522 Productions knows how to deliver it.

What? Were you expecting more? Perhaps a lengthy press release filled with corporate fluff about how 522 Productions is an industry-leading, bleeding-edge, innovative, socially-armed, ecologically-friendly, value-added, message-conveying machine? Not this time.

But while 522 Productions believes the content of their new site reflects their capabilities, it’s essentially up to you to make that decision. We’re just letting you know it’s up and brand spanking new.

About 522 Productions

522 Productions, LLC (522) is an innovative full-scale video production company offering a wide range of video production services and solutions to convey core messaging – from employee training, to organizational culture, to external marketing efforts – for any sized organization. 522 helps tell your story to the world.