Five mistakes to avoid as you invest in a corporate video include:

  1. Failing to hire a professional production company. While this might seem like common sense, many corporations take the risk of producing their corporate video themselves. The end result? Really bad lighting, cheesy visual effects, bad audio quality, and a lack of focus. Instead, it’s important to invest the time and resources in a professional company that specializes in video production, especially for corporations like yours. This will ensure that you are able to make the biggest impact possible with your video marketing strategy.
  2. Neglecting the script. Even if you hire a professional production agency, it’s critical to remain as involved as you can in the process. Before filming even begins, it’s important to review the script. Remember, no matter how incredible the filming and editing are, a bad script is a bad script. You want to ensure that the script properly showcases your company’s values and that it embraces the spirit that you want the video to have.
  3. Focusing on your business. Reviewing the script isn’t enough to ensure that your video will be a success. Be sure that the message of the script is focused on your audience, not on yourself. Many businesses use their corporate video as a “look at me” opportunity, but the reality is that it should be, “Let’s take a look at you, the consumer. How can we serve you?” By placing the focus on the consumer, you’ll be able to have a bigger impact and more powerful connection. Of course, you’ll still want to showcase what your business has to offer, but there’s a significant difference in tone based on what your focus is.
  4. Failing to have a clear object. Is your video meant to inform, engage, entertain, or do all three? It’s critical to have a clear objective for your video, as it’s impossible to achieve your goals unless you have them. And once you have a clear objective, it’s necessary to relay the information to your video producer and team.
  5. Trying to make a viral video. Aiming to create a viral video is essentially aiming for failure, as this will tempt you to focus on ideas that aren’t helpful for advertising your business. Remember, viral videos are often unplanned – or are orchestrated with incredible effort on the marketing side. But even with the most skilled marketing teams, no one can predict the planet alignment when it comes to viral videos. Instead, the focus should be on the quality of the video and the message that it sends across to your target audience.