Chad Vossen

Chad Vossen

Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder
My Story

My Focus

Why: Everything in life comes down to choices. What interests me is why people make the decisions that they do. That’s true character. Cut out the fluff and BS. Let me find the reason people do things and make the choices they make in the face of adversity. That’s the story.

Who: Nope. Not the band. I want to understand the intended audience. What do they care about? Where are they consuming the content? Understanding who you’re trying to communicate with and learning what they care about is the only way you can truly connect with them.

What…if?: “What if” is a truly inspiring phrase to me. I love the light in a person’s eyes when they start a sentence with that phrase. It means they are thinking outside the box about the endless possibilities that stories present. I love that enthusiasm.

My Focus

My Favorites

  • Movies


    The Usual Suspects,
    The Matrix,
    Star Wars

  • Influences


    Errol Morris, Eliot Rausch,
    Eddie Izzard, Ricky Gervais,
    Tina Fey, George Lucas

  • Interests


    Reading, writing, watching videos, complaining about the Mets/Jets/Islanders, and listing interests

  • Quote


    “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

    - Isaac Newton
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