About 522 Productions



After spending years working from 9 to 5, and then freelancing from 5 to 2, co-owners Chad Vossen and Tristan Pelligrino established a small studio in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria in 2004. The company has grown over the years to offer a full range of video production services and solutions to convey core messaging over the web, DVD, and a host of other media formats. The size and agility of the organization allows our company to quickly assemble resources to meet the demands of an ever changing media landscape.


Over the years, you’ve probably seen some pretty cheesy corporate videos. Within the first 6 seconds, you tune out, pass out, or fall out of your chair.

We don’t like watching cheesy videos either. In fact, our mission is to rid the world of cheesy corporate videos. Tall task, we know. That’s why you need 522 Productions. Our passion for creativity and desire to succeed allows us to communicate your vision in the most effective way possible.

We seek out opportunities to share our collective talents in a clear and logical manner. Our unparalleled enthusiasm for video production allows us to tell stories that stand the test of time. Because of this approach, we’re confident that a year from now, your video will still be successful. More importantly, two years from now, you’ll still be proud of what we achieved together. Imagine that. A non-cheesy…dare we say excellent…video for your organization. Boy, won’t that make you look good.

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