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WeddingWire is a company that turns over their audience every year. Each new season comes a new crop of clients that aren’t aware of what WeddingWire can do to help them. The need for a way to share what the company stood for was obvious.


WeddingWire is a company that has no prejudices or preconceived notions about love. They needed the audience to know that all are welcome and love is love. By focusing on this message and letting the actual app take a backseat left our audience not feeling ‘sold to’. It’s not easy for a company to take a leap like that but it paid off in the end.


We knew Facebook and Instagram are the best ways to reach our audience so we created a video without any dialogue. Our story was told through visuals and montage and it had to play without anyone telling us anything. The video also had to grab your attention in a sea of overstimulation. The details were extremely important in a video like this. It has connect with our audience and one small detail can bring that down.


The video has over 500 thousand views on Facebook and YouTube and all with resounding positive feedback. WeddingWire now has a quick and easy way to let anyone know what they are about.

They champion love overall and are here to help you celebrate it!

We’ve never seen this kind of success with an agency before so THANK YOU for all of your work on this project!

Melanie Davison

Senior Director, Consumer Marketing