The United Food and Commercial Workers Union represents more than a million workers around the country in crucial sectors like foodservice, retail, healthcare and more. Yet most Americans have no idea the crucial role that UFCW members play in their day-to-day lives. This series aimed to put a human face on the passion and expertise that UFCW members bring to their work, while providing the organization with fun, helpful video content to share with its followers.


For UFCW, nothing is more important than their members. So we knew early on that we would put real UFCW experts front-and-center. We wanted to showcase their skills, their knowledge, and most importantly, their personalities. With this in mind, we provided them with a platform to speak to the audience the same way they interact with customers and stakeholders on the job every day. This level of authenticity makes the videos not only more helpful to the audience, but also more engaging.


The most important goal for these videos is that they engage directly with the audience. We aimed to bring value to their experience by providing them with the opportunity to learn something new. Each video uses clear, concise language to focus on one unique skill that’s applicable to a wide audience. This emphasis on creating useful, shareable content has increased the reach and impact of this campaign.


This versatile video series is tailor-made for success on the internet, hitting on the fast-twitch preferences of social media users. A long-term rollout plan allows UFCW to release videos strategically, capitalizing on seasonal trends and events. UFCW has planned a large online ad-buy around this series, focusing on online platforms like YouTube to expand its brand reach.

These videos are unlike anything we’ve developed before and are a huge success amoung our audience. Great job, we love them!

Erikka Knuti

Communications Director