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TwentyEighty Strategy Execution


TwentyEighty Strategy Execution (TwentyEighty) delivers performance education that bridges the strategy execution gap. Each year, the TwentyEighty team conducts a radio tour, hitting different stations around the country to deliver their Top 10 Trends for the upcoming year. This year, TwentyEighty wanted to get more life out of the content and raise awareness of their brand.


We wanted to keep the Top 10 trends information as approachable as possible. Since we only had the audio track from the radio interview, we decided to use animation to visually connect the trends for the audience. We felt animation would our enable the audience of IT and Project Management professionals to view the trends in an informative, yet digestible way.


The video centered around the radio interview. So, we incorporated a combination of motion graphics, text animation, and voiceover from the interview and combined them with the TwentyEighty branding guidelines. We kept the graphics simple yet elegant and focused on the high level message of what was described in the interview.


The client was thrilled with the results. Their intended audiences appreciated the clever execution, and TwentyEighty was excited to show off their elegant summary of the tour in a modern and sophisticated approach.

We really enjoyed making this audio interview come to life through animation and dynamic text. What a unique opportunity!

Alisa Vossen

VP of Accounts and Production