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Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors


Losing a loved one who served in the military turns your life upside down. It can be especially difficult to interact with others who have not shared the same traumatic experience. TAPS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to support families that have lost a loved one. The organization holds an annual fundraising event to support the troops. We partnered with SAIC and TAPS to develop a story about what it’s like to help families of the fallen.


After meeting with team members, we elected to develop a “day in the life” documentary-style video. This approach allowed us to reveal the overall breadth and meaning of the organization by showcasing the hard work of its volunteers, often people who have personally gone through the experience of losing a family member who served in the military.


We collaborated with the organization’s founder and president to uncover the major programs and services offered at TAPS. After a series of preliminary interviews, we identified key individuals to support the major themes of the video.

Our team had an incredible opportunity to witness TAPS’ impact. Crew members from 522 conducted interviews at the organization’s headquarters in Washington, DC and Seattle, WA. Due to the nature of the content, we wanted to support the interviews with cinematic visuals. We accomplished this over a series of production days designated for b-roll.


The video was featured at the 2014 Gala. The video kickstarted the keynote speech of the event and helped raise over $2 million.

The video also won a Gold Peer Award at the 2014 TIVA Peer Awards.

Thank you so much for your team’s incredible care in documenting our mission… we miss you already.

Bonnie Carroll

TAPS President and Founder