Every month it seems there are new opinions on the best ways to conduct video marketing campaigns. For some time, the reigning wisdom was to follow the trend of viral videos, making marketing videos that would catch fire and be seen by millions of viewers. Since then, the sentiment towards viral marketing and all other video marketing ideas has changed once again. Below are the top 5 posts about video marketing from May 2014.

  • Revamp Strategies. In this article titled “Online Video Marketing,” author Luciane Andrews writes about the importance of video marketing as an online tool, and especially the benefits of choosing video communication over written word communications. Luciane argues that text is often scanned and important points are skipped over, whereas videos command the full attention of viewers.

  • Steven Poe. In “Online Video Marketing Tips that Enhance SEO Performance,” author Steven Poe reassures media-novices that video marketing is profitable and necessary, and he guides readers through four fool-proof tips to video marketing success. Pinterest is the focus of the first tip because the site is friendly to Google’s SEO algorithm and gaining popularity among social media platforms.

    Transcribing YouTube videos is suggested as it allows for a text-only version to be indexed in search, something that media alone cannot do. Poe’s third point emphasizes adding videos to existing text content, especially news releases, because videos are ‘media-rich,’ a major Google criterion. Finally, the article suggests video sitemapping, another tool that allows videos that populate in searches to connect to the proprietary site, and not YouTube or Vimeo.

  • The Next Web. “The Optimal Length for Video Marketing Content? As Short As Possible,” by industry-knowledgeable author Voav Hornung, outlines the appropriate length for different types of marketing videos. It also explains why creative commercials and tutorials should be shorter than crowdfunding endeavors, while testimonial videos should fall somewhere in between.

  • Onlinevideo. Author Troy Dreier takes readers on a tour of which companies are ranking in terms of data-driven analysis and which companies are on the watch-list for their effective campaigns in “YouTube Video Marketing: Ten Companies that are Getting it Right.” Some of the top five companies, in terms of video rankings, may surprise you, with a list that includes Red Bull and Samsung.

    The watch list includes brands like Target and Dell, among others. The common thread between these companies is that they post more than just ads to their own products and services. Instead, these companies are posting rich content that intrigues and connects with viewers.

  • Chandler George. The big winner is “YouTube Video Marketing Techniques and Tricks.” Dr. Chandler George offers readers the special sauce when it comes to getting videos noticed. Tips include SEO-friendly keywords and tags, social media links, site search optimization like categorization and channeling, and powerful draws like a curiosity-piquing thumbnails, appropriate titles, and detailed descriptions.

Check out these five articles to learn more about how to create, promote, and benefit from active video marketing.