The Most Important Videos to Consider When Developing Your Video Content Strategy For 2018

OK. You get it. By now you’ve read enough articles, downloaded plenty of eBooks, and attended enough seminars that tell you video is the future of marketing. But you might not know the best type or most relevant videos to produce. Or, maybe you’re having a difficult time convincing your clients or team what types of videos they actually need.

Luckily, video provides an essential form of communication because it is so adaptable. With the right planning, the content you capture interviewing folks about your company’s mission can support your Sales team; educate your clients about your services; rally an audience to support your cause, or bolster recruitment efforts.

The Need For Social
Whatever your need, video plays beautifully across all Social Media channels. Pretty much every video you make should encompass a Social component – whether its material shot specifically for Social content or cut downs of longer videos. That’s the beauty of video content – there are many effective ways to get a lot of mileage out of the footage you’ve captured. And you can broadcast the best of the best in short and poignant videos that catch your audience’s eye.

Quality Matters
But with nearly 300 hours of video content uploaded every minute to Youtube, you’re going to need to stand out from the crowd. Your videos need to look good, carry a tight message, and resonate with your target audience. Today’s audience is smart. They’re pretty much video consuming professionals – it’s estimated that the average adult in the U.S. spends over 5 hours a day watching video. That’s a lot. In order for your video to be a part of that 5 hours, your audience needs to be entertained and informed. If it doesn’t do either, viewers won’t even finish watching your video… let alone share it. Bottom line: quality matters.

Okay. So your video content needs to look good, and be adapted for Social? But what content should you produce for your brand? Here are the some of the most important videos you’ll want to consider when developing your video content strategy for 2018.

1. Overview/Mission Video

An Overview or Mission video typically explains who your company is, what you do, and most importantly, why your company exists.

What makes an Overview video so effective is, as Simon Sinek would argue, “People don’t do what you do, they buy why you do it.” Overview and Mission videos are perfect for this. These videos harness your company’s message on this one channel. They crystallize your company’s mission. They get everyone throughout the organization on the same page by clearly and definitively stating that mission. They connect with your ideal target audience by clearly defining what matters to you as a company and resonates with those that connect with your company’s core values.

Who Is It For?
Overview Videos are great if you need to explain why your company exists to potential customers. In today’s complex world of specialization, it’s often difficult to clearly explain what your company, or even your department does. Especially if that person has no idea who you are and what you do. It’s so easy to get so lost in the weeds or the day to day, that boiling your message down to clients or even constituents proves challenging.

Why Overview Videos Are Valuable
A clear and concise Overview video helps remedy this. It provides the most compelling pitch of your company’s mission. Why? Because video offers so much more than a phone conversation or a casual encounter at a networking event. The ability to combine tightly crafted message fueled by compelling visuals and inspiring music is powerful.

Here are a few examples of strong overview videos to help guide your conversation with your team or potential video production partner.

  1. WeddingWire – shows how WeddingWire is the center of your wedding universe.
  2. TAPS – Demonstrates the organization’s mission by showcasing a what a typical day at the organization looks like.
  3. Risual – Not all Overview videos have to be serious. Risual does a great job of explaining what they are but tells their story by letting the viewer know that they like to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.
  4. Practicus – Sometimes it makes more sense to explain who you are and what you do by using motion graphics.

2. Branded Content

This one’s a little more complicated to explain because branded content is a pretty broad term. In terms of video, branded content doesn’t directly showcase a brand or product in the video, but instead focuses on telling stories that resonate with their brand’s core values. These stories, in turn, connect with their core audience on a truly emotional level.

The goal of branded content is to get down to the essence of who your company is, and share stories that connect with your core audience.

Who Is It For?
Let’s be honest. Branded content isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s difficult for some marketers to wrap their head around producing an 8-minute micro-documentary, yet never hear the name of their product or only see the product a few times throughout the piece. But branded content is great for any product that truly understands their brand’s core values and is confident that those values truly resonates with their audience.

Why Branded Content Videos Are Valuable
Branded content can be extremely effective because well-executed branded content videos resonate with your core and loyal audiences, making it much more likely that they’ll share your video with other like-minded individuals. They become brand evangelists and are far more likely to invest in your product or service.


  1. Yeti – Yeti produces a series of short films that resonates with its audience and the videos don’t necessarily say anything about their coolers. The subjects in the story just happen to use Yeti products. These videos have been extremely effective and are often pointed to as one of the biggest reasons for Yeti’s growth in overcoming Coleman as the number one seller of coolers.
  2. Dodge Ram: Praise – A great example of how Dodge speaks to what’s important to them and trusting that the message resonates with that matters to their audience.
  3. Sevenly – Pure, simple storytelling that doesn’t throw the brand in your face, but truly speaks to who they are and what they believe in.
  4. Bayer: Leaps – Another example of finding a message and a style that connects with a core audience.

3. Case Study/Testimonial Video

A Case Study or Testimonial video typically highlights the experience of a current or former client/customer engaging with your brand’s product or service.

Case Study videos are far more effective in validating why someone should choose your product or service over another brand. Let’s be honest – anyone can type up a glowing review or endorsement. Hell, often times people write them up themselves and ask clients to ‘approve’ the use of the statement. The simple fact that someone is willing to go on camera, and more importantly take time out of their busy schedule to praise your services speaks volumes. Case Studies also provide an excellent opportunity to provide the history of the relationship, as well as demonstrate first hand the bond established between you and your client.

Who Is It For?
A compelling Case Study video provides a great way to tilt the scales in your direction with anyone still on the fence. Case studies are particularly effective for service-based industries as a strong (and most importantly, honest) testimonial can be extremely effective at conveying experiences clients feel about the service you provide. Case studies also work really well for product videos as well as they describe the impact that the product had on them.

Open and honest stories about your clients’ experiences are extremely effective. Remember – people buy your product or service, not machines. You need to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Focus on how your product or service benefits people – not about the latest and greatest benefits, features or how wonderful you are. What do those benefits do for them? And keep it relatable. Don’t overpromise. If it’s not genuine, your viewers will call BS immediately.

Why Case Study Videos Are Valuable
Case Studies help establish a foundation of trust with potential clients. Your viewer wants to see themselves in the video. Establish that connection by crafting stories around what’s relevant to them. They want to hear from people who have faced challenges similar to the ones they face, and know that your product or service will provide a cure for them.


  1. Code Academy – Good example of an end user explaining why the product was so beneficial to them a concept that easily resonates with many of their viewers.
  2. Pulsante – An example of humanizing a product, focusing on the impact the device has on the individual using it rather than the specifics of what the product does.

4. Explainer

No. These are not just Whiteboards. OK. Fine. Whiteboards are ‘Explainers’. But explainers are so much more. Explainer videos, as the name implies, simplify and break down a product or service.

Explainer videos provide a perfect opportunity to break down and simplify complex subjects. Video enables you to communicate far more effectively than any PDF or conversation over the phone. Animation is a great fit for this as it offers the creative flexibility to demonstrate complex theories.

Who Is It For
Explainer videos work really well in industries that have complex systems or processes that people need to understand. Healthcare, Technology, Utilities… effective explainer videos go a long way towards breaking down intricate details of these types of systems.

Why Explainer Videos Are Valuable
Explainer videos clear up confusion and save time. Strong visuals make it easy to demonstrate steps in a process in detail and frees up your team from having to answer questions.


  1. Vox – There are a number of great examples from Vox, but overall, they do a great job of breaking down rather complex material into engaging, digestible bites.
  2. Amazing Things Happen – Autism is a complex subject to break down for viewers, but this animation does a great job an relating the importance of understanding to the viewer.
  3. 1 Password – a great example of explaining what a product is and how it works, ultimately convincing the viewer why they need it.
  4. Mercatus Center – Not sure about you… but the scope of practice laws sounds pretty complex to me. Here’s an example of

5. Culture Videos

Culture Videos are similar to recruiting videos but don’t get too bogged down in job details. They showcase the environment and culture of an organization.

These videos should show off the chemistry of your organization. Culture videos should leave the viewer thinking, “Man… I want to work there!” or, “That place looks like a lot of fun… we’ve got to work with them!”

Who Is It For?
Culture videos aren’t for everyone. If you don’t have a dynamic work environment where people enjoy working together, it’s going to be obvious. But if you have the type of place where there’s a lot of energy and a collaborative nature, Culture videos are a great way to capture that essence and put it on display.

Why Overview Videos Are Valuable
Culture videos are a great way to show off what makes your organization unique. Soundbites enable the viewer to hear the passion in people’s voice as they describe why they love working there. Visuals allow them to see the chemistry at work. The music sets the tempo – are you upbeat and energetic, or are the people at your organization mission-driven requiring something a little more purposeful?


  1. BambooHR – A great example of a video where the company directly addresses a core value that is essential to their success.
  2. Wegmans – An example of a video that demonstrates what you can expect working at Wegmans.

6. Product Demonstration Videos

Lucky you! A bonus section! (To be honest, “5” is just snappier and is much better branding for our company. But we digress… let’s get back to it!)

Pretty straightforward, but product demonstration videos show how a product benefits the end user.

It’s easy enough to tell someone what your product does. But it’s entirely different if you can create a video that shows them how your product benefits them. This is an opportunity to get creative. If your product is truly innovative, prove it! Be bold. Don’t just list facts. Facts don’t make compelling stories. Take those facts and craft something memorable.

Who Is It For?
These videos are not for you… they’re for the end user. Show some restraint. Don’t blab about all the wonderful feature of your product or service. Craft a story that shows how the user will be able to benefit from that product or service

Why Overview Videos Are Valuable
These videos open up the imagination of the end user. They can see themselves using the product, and imagine a world where they can benefit just like the person in the video.


  1. Grammarly – A nice story that shows how a user’s continued use of the product benefits them in the end.
  2. Purple – A traditional “features” demonstration, that breaks down what it is about the design that separates Purple’s bed design from the competition, but it’s executed with such a unique and clever twist.
  3. Google – An oldie, but a goodie. A cute story that focuses in on one feature of a product and opens up a world of possibilities.

So, there’s a lot to consider when developing the video marketing strategy for your brand. Our hope is that this list provides you with a solid foundation from which to build your video marketing strategy on as you enter the new year.

With 2018 literally around the corner, make sure you’re prepared to share your content with your audience.