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Process & Expertise

Process & Expertise

Why 522?

522 Productions is a video production agency producing authentic videos that inspire positive change. We’ve been reimagining the corporate video since 2004. We fired some of the first shots of the Digital Revolution when barriers to entry crumbled.

Since then we’ve mastered how to navigate the evolving worlds of online video and brand marketing in a way that older companies don’t understand and younger companies have yet to figure out.

How We Do It

We help Brands rid the world of cheesy videos. Everyone thinks they can tell a story, but true storytelling is a craft. It requires purpose if it’s going to connect, communicate, and/or change the audience’s perspective.

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work, but the attitude we bring to the table, and the way we treat our clients. We give Solutions. Humility. Initiative. Trust to every client.

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Our Promise

To You

Our Promise
To You


Behind every pixel we create is an incredibly talented, highly motivated team working to turn your vision into reality. We tinker to perfection.


We love what we do and we get to make videos for a living. What’s better than that?


We produce the truth because that’s what inspires people. We will work with you to create a unique, original video that helps you achieve you organizational goals.

You’re inGood Company


“The video produced by 522 has been effective because so much of the work we do can seem abstract. Visual storytelling helped bring our work alive for people who may not have the opportunity to see it in person.”

Readour mind

The Marketing and Video industries are rapidly changing within the evolving digital landscape. Check out what we’ve been thinkingabout.

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